Meet Terry Bradbury

For the past 25 years, Terry Bradbury has been creating uniquely beautiful architectural solutions for owners of residential and commercial buildings throughout Central Indiana.

More than an architect, Terry is an advocate for and partner to clients. He can provide pre-project consultation, project management, contract negotiation, construction oversight—you name it—all at a reasonable cost.

While Terry takes on all types of projects, he is particularly skilled at renovating or augmenting historical homes and commercial buildings. While he doesn’t confine himself to a particular style, much of his work is aesthetically modern, complemented by highly functional design. Terry has an uncanny ability to give historical homes and commercial buildings a modern flair without diluting their historical character.

Think Terry might be the right fit for your architectural needs? Get in touch with him today. Click here to contact him via email, or call him today at 317.634.3366.